My British Thanksgiving Dinner @ TheBreakfastClub

So my newfound BFF aka Nak (hihihih) and I went to the Breakfast Club – for a nice old traditional american feast- right down where we live (Upper Street/Islington High Street), located in a cute and quaint pedestrian shopping/hipster street called Camden Passage. It was a 3 course meal all for 25 quid, which is prettyy expensive especially on a student budget but hey it kept me damn full and I had to salute America in some way. Either way, my family and I are pretty atypical when it comes to Thanksgiving since we eat lobster instead of Turkey (yup the French have peculiar ways) XD so it was nice to have an authentic Thanksgiving dinner for once.. even though I had to go across the pond for one 😛

Course 1: Pumpkin Soup nice turkey and mac&cheese DESERT!!!!! photo 4 (13) photo 5 (10)


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