Welcome to the world of N O U M B A !

I’ve figured out a new purpose for this blog. In my previous post, I spoke about wanting to work within the creative fashion/art scene in London, and one side hustle I’m currently working on is building a label. I’m taking a few small steps at a time to see how I enjoy it and how I can fit it in with my academic and social commitments. I’m thinking of maybe applying into a foundation year in fashion design at Middlesex University or the fashion folio course at Central Saint Martins. Currently I’m in my third year in BSc Management at the London School of Economics and its safe to say that I absolutely hated my degree but really enjoyed LSE as a whole because I grew in so many ways. This summer I may take the the Introduction to Fashion design Level 1 at CSM for 8 weeks and see where that takes me. Right now I’m essentially brainstorming ideas and concepts that I want my label to convey and last night I did rough draft sketches of certain looks I’m thinking of including in my portfolio. I’ll write a post about the idea behind my “first collection” tomorrow. Hmm, I’m thinking of a way to hold myself accountable in this endeavour. My priority right now is to complete a body of work I can use to apply to these programs I’ve mentioned. What I’m gonna do is probably make weekly goals of small things to get done and get going. So actually, by Sunday night I’ll post about my personal statement, which is required for these applications and my old sketches that I did when I was younger and the story behind them. This is an exploratory journey that I’m undertaking, so this will be no where near perfection but it’s a start and it’s time to take a leap! xx


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