Google AdCamp

Today and tomorrow, I am privy to a two-day immersive camp into the digital ad land at the Google UK London Head Offices. Obviously in this case, the entire day consisted of learning specifically about Google Ad products and it was interesting for me to cross analyse it with Amazon Media Group Ad products. The bottom line is the same: to drive awareness, consideration and purchases for their clients but their platforms do differ, only I don’t know by how much. So I wonder how clients decide between Google Marketing Solutions and Amazon Advertising Services, since both companies are extremely resourceful and driven by tangible results. Anyways, it was a fun day and the other participants at the camp were so interesting and overall the panels and talks were very interactive and I gathered useful knowledge for my own future endeavours, so I’m happy that I made good use of this opportunity. Onto the Photo ops!

IMG-20170401-WA0003 (1)IMG_3380IMG_3383IMG_3382IMG_3381IMG_3379IMG_3376IMG_3375IMG_3373IMG_3372IMG_3370IMG_3369IMG_3365IMG_3384IMG_3385IMG_3386IMG_3387IMG_3358IMG_3360IMG_3361


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